Get off of my cloud (2)

I’m still trying to disentangle myself from the various accounts that I was instructed to set up for the Acquia Drupal course.

My Acquia dev cloud account:

  • Of course, the invoice date I referred to at the end of the previous post wasn’t 7th October 2012, it was 10th July 2012, because we’re in America (oh, no, wait, we’re not). When I log in, my Billing Information page now says the invoice has been sent. I haven’t received anything that looks like an invoice.
  • I did receive an email warning me about scheduled maintenance that would affect “my sites”, despite the fact that they should know I don’t have any sites on their cloud any more.
  • As far as I can tell, there’s no way to delete my Acquia dev cloud account completely.
  • I can’t even remove my credit card details from my account. Going to ‘Payment Settings’ shows one credit card; clicking on ‘Edit’ for that card only gives me an opportunity to add a new card (not even to edit the old one).

Just to reiterate: they are storing my credit card details without giving me any way to update or remove them. I’m pretty sure this contravenes the DPA.

My account with Udemy:

  • I unsubscribed from all the Udemy emails (following the link in the email); once that had been confirmed, I went to my account settings to tick the “don’t send me any email alerts” setting (not sure how that was different from telling them not to send me any emails).
  • When it came to removing the account, there were two options:
    1. to detach the account from my Facebook account, or
    2. to delete the account altogether.

    I detached the account from my Facebook account, and set a password (as my account would be retained with my email address as username).

  • Once this had been done I then deleted the account completely. Thank goodness Udemy actually let me do this.
  • I then went to my Facebook account, checked the Application settings; the Udemy app was still listed as being authorised to interact with my Facebook account. Just to remind you, this app “needed” (wanted):
    • My email address
    • My profile info: description, activities, birthday, education history, interests, likes, location and work history
    • Friends’ profile info: Activities, interests and likes
  • I removed the app & deleted all app activity.

I don’t want to labour the point here, but I shouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops just to detach myself from a one-day training course; I didn’t think I was making that kind of commitment to any of the organisations involved when I signed up for the course. You might ask why it matters if we have unused accounts floating around all over the place, but I believe it does matter: it’s a potential security/privacy risk (though throwaway passwords probably minimise this risk); it’s wasteful (disk space may be cheap but it’s not infinite, and the energy required to run the servers is non-zero); but above all, it’s untidy: it offends my sense of order. I realise this is going to make me sound like some kind of philosophical neat-freak, but I don’t want to clutter up the global information space with stuff that I’m not using.

Enough complaining. I’m going to tidy up my hard drive.


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